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Broad Spirituality 

Prayer Spiral 

Prayer Shepherd 

“Our destination is never a place 
but rather a new way of looking at things” 
John Pearson - theologian 

Prayers for each of six days 

and encouragement, 

on the seventh day, 

to rest quietly in God’s presence, 
listening for the ‘still small voice’. 

This is called a prayer spiral because it is recommended that 
each thought area is revisited every week to gain 
new understanding, new insights and a deeper wisdom of God. 

This prayer spiral shepherd is a personal written guide 
to accompany you as you prayerfully seek to find new ways to relate to, 
and give to God, 
so that you might receive and grow on your personal spiritual pilgrimage. 

Where artifacts are suggested each day you may wish to substitute a ‘favourite’ passage of Scripture or other special writings. 

Day 1 Weakness – forgiveness. 

“Lord, both you and I know my weaknesses and my failings” 

Silently reflect for a moment or two focusing on one or two things of particular regret. 

“Please forgive me and strengthen me for my ongoing journey of faith in your presence” 

You might like to choose a special artifact which speaks to you as a sign of God’s forgiveness through Jesus, and reflect on that forgiveness. 

Day 2 Encounter with Jesus – who asks; “What do you want me to do for you?” 

Several times in his ministry Jesus asks this question. 

Reflect silently on the enormity of the offer, and then, your personal response to the question. 

If it helps choose another artifact as a symbol of Jesus’ care for you. 

Hold it and think of the strength Jesus gives in times of everyday trials and tribulations. 

Day 3 Connect to the vine 

Jesus tells us that without him we can do nothing. 

Allow yourself to be filled with the love and warmth of God’s love through Jesus until you glow with the radiance of God’s glory. 

Choose a plant and think of the interaction between all the parts. 

Contemplate the plant as a symbol of your faith, and how your spirit might grow and grow just as the plant grows. 

Day 4 Let me see, hear and walk afresh 

Part of our growth in the love and knowledge of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, requires our changed perceptions of who we are, how we behave, and where we are going as disciples of Jesus. 

Reflect on “do I really wish to change?” 

Become aware of your own body and its working. 

In the quietness allow yourself to think and focus on the Holy Spirit suggesting how God wishes personal change. 

Day 5 Love 

Jesus says love (God), love (your neighbour), love (one another). 

Think of your experiences of the wideness and enormity of God’s love for the world and for each individual. 

Many interactions revolve around food and feeding, both in the stories of faith and our own experiences. 

Reflect, and give thanks for all the feeding received by simply being and feeling loved. Then think how you might feed others by being more loving towards them. 

Day 6 What small thing can I give? 

Each day is but a small step on our journeys of faith. 
In recognition that God gives to us so freely - 

Prayerfully think of your next small step for today; that little thing you wish to give to God which will allow you to progress on your personal pilgrimage. 

Some people praised Jesus with palms; others gave their lives to follow his example 

“What can I do?” 

Day 7 Rest in God and listen. 

© Briant 2011 

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