Broads Spirituality - Meditation

Broads Spirituality Meditation

                   New life, new hope. 
Spring time is associated with a succession of flowers to herald a new season’s growth after the dormancy of winter as the cycle of life continues its perpetual annual cycle. Other less ‘showy’ plants follow the same pattern and here on the edge of the river Yare the shoots of the reeds also give that freshness and optimism about new growth and summer days to come. However there is much more in the photograph. The bundle of reeds are a testimony to the crop of last season and will be used to keep a dry roof over the heads of a family for fifty or sixty years to come. Together with hundreds of other bundles the thatch they make is an example of a tradition of recycling and sustainability. Behind the bundles the fringe of still standing reeds provides food and shelter for reed warblers and reed buntings and behind that fringe a barely distinguishable patch of watery stubble after the harvester has cut the reeds as close to the ground as possible. 

Along with many others I like to think 
that the passage of time happens to others, 
but leaves me untouched. 
It is an illusion of course! 
May I be constantly aware of the cycle of life 
in the natural world around me, 
as well as in my own life. 
May I be constantly encouraged by 
signs of new growth 
and new hope. 
And especially at this time of Easter 
by your promises and assurances 
given to me by the life, teaching, example, 
death and resurrection of Jesus.