Broads Spirituality - Picture of a broad

Broads Spirituality – a basic guide

The Broads of Norfolk and Suffolk have unique qualities which draw people back time and time again. During leisure time – on holiday, short breaks or away days it is possible for us to slow down, or even stop, and interact in new ways with the beauty, and the wonders that surround us.

‘Broads Spirituality’ publications and courses seek to be aids to encourage those who work, and 'play', in and on the Broads to really pause, and look with fresh eyes to see with a sense of wholeness all that the environment has to offer.

The movement from recreation to REcreation is about using all of our senses and then asking the questions: Appropriate responses to these questions might include: It is important to choose what is right for you – there are no 'correct' ways to respond. Have a go even if you think that you cannot write poetry, draw or whatever – just give it a try.

Even the simplest things that help you to stop, really look and reflect for a while, may well enhance your experience and your time of REcreation on the Broads.